photoshop quick selection tools

Quick selection tools are useful to create selections quickly with relative ease. There are two different quick selection tools namely Quick Selection Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool.

photoshop quick selection tools

Quick Selection Tool

It is used to make quick selection on the areas of the image based on the options defined on the options bar. Once you click on any area of the image, the selection extends outwards and stops where it detects contrasting edges.

photoshop quick selection options

Selection Options

It provides more selection options that is useful to create a new selection or add new selection to the existing one or subtract areas from the existing selection. Once a selection is made using this tool, the add to selection option is automatically selected.

Brush Picker Dropdown

Since quick selection is a variant of brush tool, it contains the standard options available for brushes which are of no use for selection purpose except for the size that defines the size of the tool.

Sample All Layers

This option allows you to make quick selection while all the layers are sampled as one to detect edges of the selection.

Auto Enhance

Auto enhance allows to you smoothen the edges of the selection area which are jagged by default.

Magic Wand Tool

Magic wand tool is another great quick selection tool which is used to select pixels of an image with similar color range.

photoshop magic wand options

Apart from the preset and selection options, this tool also provide options to define sample size, tolerance and contiguous options.

Sample Size

This option allows you to choose between a point sample to get areas of a layer selected with similar color range or simply an area around the pointer as defined. Point sample is very useful to select all areas or limited areas with similar color range while other options simply select a wider area around the pointer.


Tolerance option defines the flexibilty of the magic wand tool. It will include the selected color value along with a number of shades brighter or darker than the defined color and the number is defined in the tolerance field.


Contiguous option allows the application to limit the selection only to the connected areas within the color range while discontiguous option allows you to make the selection within the entire area even if they are not connected to each other within the color range.

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