23 Jun, 2021

how to retrieve session data in constructor method in laravel?

It's quite easy to retrieve session in laravel constructor. All you need to do is move these two lines \Illuminate\Session\Middleware\StartSession::class, \Illuminate\View\Middleware\ShareErrorsFromSession::class, from your protected $middlewareGroups = [] array to your protected $middleware= [ ] array in your App\Http\kernel.php. Once you move these ... Read more »

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Adam Parkerr

16 Jun, 2021

How to display jquery popup only once on the landing page per user in laravel?

Showing a jquery popup only once to a user at one visit regardless of how many pages he goes through is easy but a bit tricky technique. You might even have noticed a huge number of designers and developers display them on homepage only. But the issue is, the popup would appear everytime a user goes back to the home page. Whether you are using Laravel or some other framework, if you are working on any server side language, then, the best option would be to go with the session. ... Read more »

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20 May, 2021

Why do any changes I make in laravel 7 route web.php file would not update on shared hosting?

Generally, I have experienced such issue with shared hosting where all the controllers and routes are loaded through cache. The view files seem to reflect the changes as soon as they are updated though. The basic idea would be to create a closure function in your routes/web.php file and call all the artisan cache clearing methods from that function like: Route::get('clear-cache', function() { Artisan::call('cache:clear'); Artisan::call('optimi... Read more »

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JR Prajapati

12 May, 2021

Method Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection::orwhere does not exist. Can't find a better solution online.

This laravel error occurs when you try to use orWhere on collections like get() or all(). This generally happens especially in search queries where you want to retrieve data depending upon multiple conditions and you don't know how to write the base query and concatenate the clauses if certain conditions meet. Recently, I was working on a school management system where I exactly went through the same scenario and here you can find what I did. ... Read more »

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04 Oct, 2019

How to send email via server domain email account in laravel ?

Sending email via domain email account or server from an application built on laravel is very easy. In fact, Laravel Mail recommends developers to use other APIs such as mailgun and sparkpost to send mail if possible as they are simpler and faster than SMTP servers. If you are thinking what SMTP stands for then it stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is the standard protocol for email exchange on the internet. These AP... Read more »

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Thierry Memel

28 Aug, 2019

What is the main steps to build a full web site in Laravel ?

Your question is too broad to answer. First of all, you'll need a frontend design that you want to display to your website visitors.  Then, you'll need a content management system which will be created using Laravel to make it easier for yourself to add, delete or modify contents on your website which will need tno knowledge about web design and development. To build a website in Laravel, the first and foremost thing you'll need ... Read more »

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Aayush Poudel

07 May, 2019

how to add forum in wordpress website without plugin ?

Basically, it's quite similar to the basic crud operation with a touch of authentication so that nobody could post unwanted contents on the forum. You can add your own custom data table for forum questions, answers, likes, comments and users. This link How to add custom data tablein wordpress dashboard will guide you through the process on how to add, dis... Read more »

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03 May, 2019

How to append a trailing slash in every routes in Laravel?

Adding a trailing slash to a url is unnecessary most of the times but comes to use in cases where you are working on a website that has been online for a couple of years and all the urls in the past used to be with a trailing slashes. Since, the urls with trailing slashes are already indexed by search engines, your client might not want to mess things up by submitting a new set of urls to search engines without trailing slashes. You might know search engines treat url with and witho... Read more »

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Dipen Khadka

10 Apr, 2019

Is there any easy way to create a dynamic multiple data delete function in Laravel?

Creating a single delete method that can delete any number of data from any table dynamically is a great idea while working on backend application. Generally, Laravel delete method works wonder but it makes your task much easier if you could add a single method that works universally. In the example below, Users table is used for reference. Admin Controller Create a method that'll store all the data from the users in a variable so that you can display t... Read more »

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JR Prajapati

09 Apr, 2019

How to add custom authentication middleware in laravel?

Most of the web applications have more than one user where different roles and permissions are defined to each set of such users. To verify the users authentication level and control access to the pages, these applications need to have different authentication modules. Using Middleware, you can easily implement such authentication filters in Laravel. Lets have a look on how to add custom authentication middleware in Laravel. Add a custom field in the U... Read more »

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