photo slice tools

Slice Tool makes it easier to crop multiple portions of an image and save them with less effort. It is very helpful while creating a website using images from a mockup design.

photoshop slice tool

Select the slice tool and make multiple rectangular selections. After you are done, select save for web option from File menu. A dialog box will appear.

Select the file type you want for those images from the options available at the top right PRESET option while rest of the options would do fine as they will be replaced by other images before uploading the site to live server. Click on Save button at the bottom. Another dialog box will appear.

This box will ask you to define a location for the folder with those images and a common name for those images. The foldername will be images by default and the default filename will be the one you provide here whereas the filenames will be numbered as filename_01.filetype. Keep the format to Images Only and select the slices you want to save from the slices option. Give a common name for the slices if you want. Select All User Slices option to save only the selected images and click on the Save option. The slices will be saved in a new folder named images.


Options for slice tool on the option bar are style which provides you with the options namely Normal, Fixed Ratio and Fixed Size. With fixed ratio or fixed size selected the fields for width and height values would be enabled.

Slice Select Tool

photoshop slice select tool

Slice select tool is used to select specific slice in order to move, delete, resize or divide the selected one.


Options for slice select tool includes positioning of slices forward or backward, divide the selected slice into multiple slices horizontally or vertically, show or hide auto slices generated by the application as well as further options for the slice like adding name, type, dimensions, etc.

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