Photoshop Color Replacement Tool

adobe photoshop color replacement tool

Color Replacement Tool allows you to replace defined color of the document with the desired one depending upon the settings defined. Quite similar to the brush tool, it also allows the user to select or define size, hardness, spacing, angle and roundness of the brush tip along with some blending options.


adobe photoshop color replacement tool options bar

Apart from the regular brush tip presets and few blending modes, color replacement tools allows you to choose from other options too.


The sampling option provides three options to choose from which are stated below.

  • Continuous - replaces all colors with the selected foreground color.
  • Once - replaces only the sampled color from the document with the foreground color.
  • Background Swatch - replaces only the area containing the current background color with the foreground color.


Limits allows yous to define the limit of color replacement. Options available are contiguous, discontiguous and find edges. Contiguous option allows you to replace the sample color from the pixels adjacent to each other while discontiguous option allows you to replace similar color anywhere within the document. Find edges allows you to preserve edges of the object.


Tolerance allows you to define the flexibility while detecting color pixels. Higher tolerance value allows you to replace broad range of shades of sampled color from the image while lower tolerance allows you to replace only limted shades of the sampled color.

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