What is the main steps to build a full web site in Laravel ?

Asked by Joe on 28 Aug 2019 275 Views

Jiwan on 04 Oct 2019

Your question is too broad to answer.

First of all, you'll need a frontend design that you want to display to your website visitors. 

Then, you'll need a content management system which will be created using Laravel to make it easier for yourself to add, delete or modify contents on your website which will need tno knowledge about web design and development.

To build a website in Laravel, the first and foremost thing you'll need is the knowledge on PHP. You must know how it works. Then, you can learn Laravel which is a framework built on PHP.

If you have good knowledge on PHP and the basics of Laravel, you can watch Laravel Video Tutorials that'll help you get going.

Moreover, i'll be adding few more videos on Laravel within a week. So, keep following that channel.

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