SEO Keyword Research

The term Keyword in terms of search engine optimization is a word or phrase that summarizes the entire content of a webpage. Keywords help search engines to match a webpage to the search query. This is the term for which every website fights to come atop the search engine result pages.

Broad Keywords vs Long Tail Keywords

Broad keywords generally contain one or two words as key words which attracts a high number of search volume and a huge competiton as well. It'll be very difficult to get good ranking for broad keywords. These keywords are entered in the search query to either navigate to a specific site. Long tail keywords on the other hand are phrases with multiple words that narrows down the search volume and the competition will be less. That'll further help to get rankings as well. These keywords are used to receive information about specific topics or to carry out some web related transactions like buying or selling things.

Long tail keyword is the best option to go for when you are working on search engine optimization to get a website rank higher in search engine result pages. Get initial traffic and lot of social shares which will trigger backlinks from higher authority domains. Get your domain authority improved and then you can go for broad keywords. Broad keywords are best suited for websites with higher authority or brand as they don't need to fight against the lesser ones.

Keywords Research

You can look for keywords from your close competitors which are ranked better than your website. A huge number of keyword research tools are available for free online from where you can get the ideas.

  • Similar Web - This tools provides you with the information regarding global trafic rank and their sources, top keywords along with the list of websites having similar content to the one you know as your competitor. You can list out all of those websites and retrieve the keywords which bring them the traffic they are getting.
  • Semrush - You can use this tool to collect the best performing keywords from your competitors' websites that are getting the highest number of traffic. This tool will only allow you to view limited keywords though without registraton. Choose the keywords that has huge search volume where your close competitors are getting good rank
  • Alexa - You can use Alexa siteinfo tool to retrieve more keywords from your competitors.
  • Raven Tools - This tool gives you a 14 days free trial as of now. You can get an enormous amount of analytics such as quality, keywords, backlinks, etc. from this tool regarding your website or your competitors.
  • Google Adwords - You can use google adwords too to plan keywords or list out the keywords from your competitors and download as csv.

After collecting enough keywords you can check the search trends for those keywords in recent history using Google Trends. Form here, you can list out the related and breakout keywords. Once you find out the breakout keywords ie. the keywords for which the search has increased by more than 5000% in a short term, you can easily get to the top spot on search result pages with seo optimized contents.

Convert broad keywords to longtail keywords

You can even convert broad keywords into long tail keywords with the help of free online tools.

  • Uber Suggest - This tool provides a huge list of longtail keywords for a single broad keyword from where you can choose one for your post.
  • Keyword Tool - This tool also gives you a huge number of longtail keywords for a given keyword.
  • SEO Book - This is another keyword tool which provides a comparitively less keywords but with details about daily and monthly searches on google and bing traffic. You can directly download as csv as well. It also displays the google trends data.
  • Semrush - This tool also allows you to analyze keywords and provides you with the search volume and competition for those keywords along with top 5 phrase matches, related keywords and search trends. It also gives you an overview on mobile traffic and desktop traffic.

Use Google Suggestions as Keywords

When you type a keyword in google search bar, you can see a few keyword suggestions. When you hit the search button, along with the search results, google also displays a few keywords related to the keyword you searched for at the bottom of the search result page. The thing you need to take care is google suggests related keywords searched in the same region. If you want global keywords related to your keyword, you need to remove the regional extension from the url of google. Collect all those keywords and plan your content.

Find Your Top Performing Keywords

Finding out your website'stop performing keyword helps to improve the seo of other posts based on those keywords. You can go to Google Console and see the keywords that are bring comparatively more traffic to your site and add posts including those keywords. This will propel such page higher in the search engine ranking quickly and helps you to get more traffic easily.