How to get 20k unique visitors to a website every month?

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Website is an essential part of business in this modern era but having a website merely drives any traffic to it on its own. It can take a long time to achieve 20,000 unique monthly visitors to a website consistently. There are some common strategies implemented by most of the successful bloggers worldwide to achieve that feat within a short time i.e. a few months which you may not know and have not generated that traffic yet.

Once you get started, it is easier to go all the way to 100,000 unique visitors monthly and beyond. Though it requires a huge amount of time and effort along with dedication from your side, there are some basic things you need to follow to drive significant traffic to your website on regular basis. Follow them consistently and you'll reach your target in short duration.

Here’s how to get 20,000 unique visitors to a website every month.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest posting is used as the primary tool by most of the successful bloggers to build fan base while getting backlinks to their own website. With time, this concept has evolved as content marketing which is termed as one of the most important tools in digital marketing.

Posting your content on other websites regularly helps you and your brand get more exposure to the readers while also increasing backlinks to your website.

From those backlinks, your referral traffic will rise while helping your site get better ranking on search engine result pages as you know backlinks from higher ranked sites are always treated highly by search engines.

2. Long-tail Keywords

Despite the fact, that, some keywords drive a lot of traffic, over 70% of online searches are long tail keywords.

If you search a Samsung Note 8 online, most of the times, you are more likely to type phrases like Samsung Note 8 price in your country or Samsung Note 8 specifications, etc. to get more relatable contents as search engine results.

Since organic search drives the most valuable, automatic and sustainable traffic, optimize your contents and the titles to match such phrases.

Moreover, you will increase your chances of being found by great bloggers, who, in case, write in the future on the same topic might include your credentials in their articles while giving you some great backlinks.

3. Social Traffic

While organic traffic is highly regarded as a ranking factor by search engines, referral traffic is not less worthy.

I already stated the value of guest posting as a great source of referral traffic but that's not the only way.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc to name a few are the sites with huge daily visitors and high ranking globally. Share your contents regularly on these platforms to get a good referral traffic from these sites too.

The rate of social traffic you can drive to your site also helps your site to rank higher and receive huge traffic in your website.

4. Consistency

While you might be able to create a few viral contents on your blog and get tons of traffic to that post, that traffic will slowly die if you don't have much contents where you could engage those visitors.

You'll need tons of posts to get huge traffic on daily basis which will make the difference and that'll demand you to be consistent. Recent reasearch shows, companies publishing at least a post on alternate days achieve enormous traffic in comparision to the ones who don't add a new content on regular basis. The statistics are even poorer for those who don't add new contents at all.

Sites with 400 or more blog posts have been able to generate sustainable traffic while it takes a lot of time and effort to craft that one post which can drive massive traffic on its own. Getting over 400 blog posts is not an easy task though, you'll need to spend a lot of time and effort to reasearch on the topic you want to write on, retrieve relatable information and then actually start to write, complete it and publish.

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Sustain Your Audience

As I stated earlier, even after reaching the milestone of 20k unique visitors on monthly basis, it will not last longer unless you keep on adding fresh posts regularly. You can get it automated though while adding images, videos or updating posts with latest information would also help to keep your content fresh.

Optimizing the site for design, speed and search engines while promoting contents on social media will also help to keep your contents on top of the search engine result pages.

If you have quality contents, you increase your chances of being cited by other sources and build brand awareness. All of these contribute on achieving consistent and sustainable traffic to your site.

Keep in mind, getting noticed is quite easy but for consistent traffic, you'll need to provide attention to detail and focus on quality.

20k unique visitors every month. What it means?

If you are running an ecommerce site, then, 20,000 unique visitors means 20,000 unique customers visiting your site. If your sales and marketing effort are right, then, you'll get a huge amount of sales every month.

If you are running a blog site with adsense and affiliate marketing as your only way of earning online, then, even at the rate of CTR 1%, you can make 100s of dollars a month.

Once you reach the 20k milestone, you will surely strive for more. To make it even better, the best option would be to automate the blog posts to keep consistency and watch out for more affiliate programs.

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Anybody can own a website or a blog, but, the amount of traffic you can drive to your site separates the best from the rest. Proper SEO optimization, content marketing and link building are the best bait to go for. Once you start getting higher ratio of organic traffic in comparision to other sources, you need to understand that you are on your way to success.

Good enough from my side. Now, it's your turn to make your voices heard.

Let me know if you have reached this 20k milestone. It's even better if you could share your story with us. If you liked the content, share it and let others know these tips as well.

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