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How to use foreach loop in wordpress the right way? In this article, I've explained how to use forach loop in wordpress in the right way and the reason it's needed in some cases. Recently, I faced a situation with where I needed to retrieve the index of my array data and I struggled a lot to display the slider im...

Author: Jiwan Thapa Posted On: 25 May 2021


What Is The Difference Between UX And UI In Web Design? Most of the times, the terms UX and UI are used so ambiguously in the field of designing that it's impossible to differentiate between them. You might have read a lot of articles about the difference between UX and UI in web design but still couldn't draw a clear line. Hence, to make the ...

Author: Jiwan Thapa Posted On: 25 May 2021


Top 5 Computer (IT) Training Institute in Kathmandu With the advancement of technology and the significant rise in the number of people getting engaged in virtual world for different reasons, the information technology world is growing relatively at a greater pace in comparision to other service sectors. Due to this growth, there is always a highe...

Author: Dipen Khadka Posted On: 25 May 2021


Is pursuing a career in web design and development totally obsolete due to  terrific rise of DIY platforms like wix, weebly and more? You might already know that I'm quite active on Quora if you have been following me or reading my articles in the past. One of the most common question on Quora about a career in web design and development has always been "Is pursuing a career in web design and development totall...

Author: Jiwan Thapa Posted On: 25 May 2021


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webtrickshome community member

Jiwan Thapa

13 Aug, 2017

How To Display Uploaded Image In Html Using Javascript ?

Displaying image in HTML form field on file upload is very easy with the use of javascript. Let's add a little more effect to make it look more attractive. Hide file upload button from HTML page and replace it with a text or icon link If you have a look at most of the social platforms, they have one thing in common related to file upload and that's the file or image upload button which is not present in the form and a plain text or icon link does the work. It helps us ge... Read more »

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10 Jul, 2018

How to fix phpmyadmin error, incorrect format parameter that appeared while importing a database?

phpMyAdmin Error - incorrect format parameter might appear due to multiple reasons such as: Execution of a script exceeding the defined maximum execution time. Parsing of requested input data exceeds the defined maximum input parsing time. Script needing operating memory higher than the one defined in memory limit. Size of post data higher than the defined maximum post data size. Size of the file being uploaded higher than the define... Read more »

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22 Jul, 2017

How To Display Error Message In Html Form With Javascript Without Using Alert?

Using javascript validation is one of the most appealing part in web development where you can display errors messages to users in case a form doesn't contain required field data. Let's add a form first before working on the validation part. <form name="myForm" method="post" onsubmit="return validateForm()"> <div class="form-group"> <label>Your Name</label> <span id="error-name"></span> <input type="text" name="your-name" class="form... Read more »

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08 Oct, 2017

How To Stop Form Resubmission On Page Refresh?

Basically, the general idea is to redirect the user to some other pages after the form submission which would stop the form resubmission on page refresh but if you need to hold the user in the same page after the form is submitted, you can do it in multiple ways. Unset Form Data  One way to stop page resubmission on page refresh is to unset the form data after it is submitted so that the variable storing form dat... Read more »

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02 Nov, 2017

How To Add Bootstrap Dropdown Class In Wordpress Menu Item?

Either you are working on a wordpress theme development or just want to replace the regular wordpress menu style by bootstrap navbar, getting the first level menu is easy but when you have second level menu and you want to display it like you do for bootstrap designs becomes painful for most of the developers. You can find a lot of solutions online on how to add bootstrap navigation on wordpress but when you search for the solutions to add bootstrap dropdown class in wordpress menu, the resul... Read more »

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