HTML Editor

HTML webpages can be created and modified using any of the professional text editors available but for the best learning purpose basic editors like Notepad or Textedit works better.

Create HTML file

Open a new document in your preferred code editor and write down or paste some HTML code.


<h1>Hello World</h1>
<p>This is my first HTML webpage.</p>


Name the file with extension .htm or .html as there's no difference between the two. Set the encoding to UTF-8 which is the preferred encoding for HTML files and save it.

View HTML page in Browser

Either double click the file to directly open it in your default browser or right click on the file and select any browser from the available ones to see the result in your browser.

Try It Yourself Editor

You can click on the Try It Yourself button below to use our free online try it yourself code editor which might prove to be the perfect tool when you want to test the codes faster.

Click on the Try it Yourself button to see how it works.

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