Why Is Comment Section Not Showing Up On Custom Wordpress Page?

Asked by Anonymous on 23 Dec 2017 1591 Views

Anonymous on 23 Dec 2017

This is another issue with wordpress pages while you are a beginner. You create an entire theme that's almost complete but when you test the page contents you can't see the comment fields. You re-examine  all your codings that seems to be okay but still the comment fields won't show up.

Basically, if you look up at the database, you can see the posts table has a column named comment_status which has the value set up as closed you can change it's value from there as open but that would be tedious. Instead, you can go to your dashboard / all pages and click on quick edit option where you can find the allow comments checkbox. Check it and you're done. Refresh your page and you can see the comment fields.

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